Thus far, PlexRipper has been created and developed by JasonLandbridge, but this could not have been done without the exceptional help of many others.

An absolute massive thank you to the following people!



Code libraries

Listing all the various libraries and frameworks is difficult to how likely it is to change, but the following deserve a special thank you!

  • The developers and contributors behind the amazing Vue.js, Vuetify , Nuxt.js and RxJS!
  • The developers and contributors behind the beautiful Vanta.js project that is used to show the awesome background in PlexRipper!


  • Starnakin for his awesome work on translating PlexRipper to French!


  • Ninthwalker for his great work on Saverr, which showed me the method of downloading media from Plex!


Huge thank you to Jetbrains for supporting open source projects and providing us with free licenses of their great tools!

Thanks, but no thanks

  • Several Reddit users over in /r/Plex for being a pain in the ass and motivating me to create PlexRipper.