Any help is greatly appreciated! Be it in the form of reporting issues, giving feedback, making pull requests, translating and or saying how you're a fan of the project, it all helps!

The more people help, the faster everything goes and the more people can fully enjoy the project! Helping out will give you a very honorable mention on the Acknowledgements page.

What anyone can do:

What you can do if you love writing:

What you can do if you love programming:

  • You can go through the code and give feedback on how to best approach the architecture, workflow, release scheduling or any other improvements you see. Especially .NET/C# developers are very valuable here as the back-end can be improved the most.
  • You can go through open issues and answer questions.
  • You can create pull requests for fixes and or improvements. Make sure to always create branches against the dev branch.

What you can do if you love breaking stuff:

  • You can test PlexRipper and create issues. The more details the better!