What to expect for PlexRipper

A year has gone by, what has happened and what does the future hold for PlexRipper
Jason Landbridge
October 22nd, 2022

Let's start by giving a huge thank you to all those who have been using PlexRipper and have been leaving comments and issues that need fixing. Several users have also been finding fixes for issues, which saves a lot of development time, so an extra huge thank you to those! This is a long overdue update on what has been going on with PlexRipper and what to expect.

What happened in the past year?

The past year has gone by quick where I, JasonLandbridge, have been busy with work and life in general. I have been developing and making improvements in the background, with regrettably too little communication about the progress. This is something I intend to change going forward and to also provide better support.

Around september 2021 I did a soft alpha launch on the Unraid forums and received positive feedback. However, I didn't expect so many people to pick up on it and starting to use PlexRipper. This added quite a bit of pressure to improve many things a.s.a.p., which was difficult considering I didn't have that much free time. I also became aware of larger issues that required more rewriting of code and while fixing, I inadvertently broke other things.

Version 0.9.0

This will be the next version that will see a lot of refactoring with more stability due to the addition of many integration and unit tests. Unfortunately, due to the scope of this, it became such a big change that it would require more time than I anticipated initially. Which is why it has been in "limbo" for the past year. The highest priority is getting this version released.

Launch of www.PlexRipper.rocks

In the past few weeks I've created a documentation website on www.PlexRipper.rocks. Mainly due to the many questions I receive; those will be answered thoroughly here. I will also be keeping track of project documentation in general on this website, so everyone can stay up to date. My hope is users in the community can write guides or other useful texts in order to help others with using PlexRipper.

What will happen next?

The upcoming months I intend to spend more time on PlexRipper and fix a lot of issues and push for a 0.9.0 release. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in this issue.

Please note that the stable branch will not receive anymore updates so please use the dev branch for now when testing. Version 0.9.0 will be pushed to stable once it is stable.

Any help is greatly appreciated and anyone can help with something if they are willing to do so! Please check the Contributing page when you can.