What is PlexRipper?

Tired of searching for media on different torrent websites or paying for Usenet server access? Well look no further! You can now use PlexRipper to download everything from the Plex servers you have access to and expand your collection that way!

PlexRipper is a cross-platform media downloader that indexes the Plex servers you have access to and allows you to download everything while adding it to your own Plex server.

Let others collect media for you and then just download everything!

Why was it created?

Every media collector has run into the problem that something they were looking for was not available anywhere. Torrents die and Usenet files are routinely deleted but the media that is hosted on Plex servers is nearly always there.

Few people realize the untapped potential of using Plex as a way to share media with other Plex server owners. Most media hosted on Plex servers is carefully curated, very niche or even impossible to find anywhere else due to the original source not existing anymore. The Plex servers are also (mostly) outside the reach from large companies doing their best to control what is allowed to be hosted.

This need to be able to expand and share your own media collection with rare media gave rise to the idea of creating PlexRipper. Several alternatives were already there, but they were mostly lacking in a more automated solution, such as the great Radarr and Sonarr

How does PlexRipper work?

PlexRipper is created as a Docker container, which can be hosted on every platform that can also host Docker containers. Once hosted, any browser can go to the webpage that is exposed by PlexRipper. PlexRipper requires your Plex credentials to request every server the account has access to and to start indexing the available media and then to start downloading everything that is requested.